Sunday, April 29, 2012

Seven Cal Players Sign as Undrafted Free Agents

Cal kicker Giorgio Tavecchio has
signed an undrafted FA contract with
the San Francisco 49ers. 

Cal dominated the NFL draft this past week. How do we know Cal dominated the draft? Because their punter got taken in the third round. But we're not here to talk about which Cal players got drafted, we're here to talk about which Cal players didn't get drafted.

Basically, this post is for one thing and one thing only: to provide a list of where Cal's undrafted free agents signed.

S Sean Cattouse, San Diego Chargers
LB D.J. Holt, Washington Redskins
TE Anthony Miller, Denver Broncos
K Giorgio Tavecchio, San Francisco 49ers
WR Mike Calvin, Atlanta Falcons
DL Ernest Owusu, Minnesota Vikings
OL Justin Cheadle, Kansas City Chiefs

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