Sunday, July 22, 2012

Cal's 2012-13 Basketball Schedule Released

The 2012-13 Cal basketball schedule has been released.

The Pac-12 released their annual basketball prospectus Sunday, if you have two free hours, you may want to sit down and read it.

Anyway, the best part of the prospectus? It includes Cal's 2012-13 basketball schedule.

Highlights: Thanks to the schedule rotation, the Bears won't host Arizona or Arizona State. They also won't have to see Tosh Lupoi this year because there's no trip to Washington on the schedule (or Washington State).

Also, fatigue shouldn't be a factor late in the season. Cal plays their final three games at home and they only play one game between March 3 and when the Pac-12 tournament tips off on March 13.

Finally, its kind of ironic that Adam Duritz is a Cal fan because it could be a Long December for the Bears. Wisconsin, UNLV and Creighton all in a row after playing in the 76 Classic won't be easy, however, Prairie View A&M should be a nice breather.

Nov. 6: San Francisco State (Exhib.)
Nov. 11: Cal State Bakersfield
Nov. 13: Pepperdine
Nov. 16: at Denver
Nov. 22: at 76 Anaheim Classic vs. Drake
Nov. 23: at 76 Anaheim Classic vs. Georgia Tech or Rice
Nov. 25: at 76 Anaheim Classic TBA

Dec. 2: at Wisconsin
Dec. 9: UNLV
Dec. 15: Creighton
Dec. 18: UC Santa Barbara
Dec. 22: Prairie View A&M
Dec. 29: Harvard

Jan. 3: at UCLA
Jan. 5: at USC
Jan. 10: Washington
Jan. 12: Washington State
Jan. 19: at Stanford
Jan. 24: at Colorado
Jan. 26: at Utah
Jan. 31: Oregon State

Feb. 2: Oregon
Feb. 7: at Arizona
Feb. 9: at Arizona State
Feb. 14: USC
Feb. 16: UCLA
Feb. 21: at Oregon
Feb. 23: at Oregon State
Feb. 28: Utah

Mar. 2: Colorado
Mar. 9: Stanford
Mar. 13-16: Pac-12 Tournament, Las Vegas

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  1. I believe that Prairie View A & M may be quiet, but still not be easy and you should not let your good score do all the work . Good luck..