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Cal Football: Should Bears Just Go For Two Every Time?

Should Cal fans cut Giorgio Tavecchio some slack?
Photo Credit: Jared Williams
New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick really, really, really wants to get rid of extra points, he thinks they're too easy.

As a bonus for reading this blog, here is a list of four things that are easy: Lindsay Lohan, opening cereal boxes, playing checkers against babies, extra points.

Most people would agree with Belichick that extra points are easy, which is why 93 percent of Cal fans were highly disappointed with Giorgio Tavecchio's 1-for-3 PAT performance Saturday against Fresno State.

Easier: Linday Lohan or making extra points?
Besides the beer prices at Candlestick, special teams play really was the only other disappointing part of the day.

So what happened on the kicking front? I hunted down placekicker Giorgio Tavecchio and asked him.

First up, I asked Tavecchio if it was the line's fault on the two blocked PAT's or if he just kicked them low.

GT: It was a little of me on both cause I didn't get great contact. The first one wasn't a bad kick, the second one was probably a little bit low... I saw the film and it didn't really tell me much.

Was it tough kicking at Candlestick, what did he think of his kickoffs (the first one landed at the 23) 

GT: I'd be lying if said it wasn't a challenge, but I really wasn't worried too much about it. In my mind, I was just trying to go out there and hit the best kickoff I could hit, regardless of the wind. I felt like I did a good job. It felt good coming off my foot. I was exploding through the ball, my contact felt good. It popped off my foot and it just died [14MPH winds], there's nothing more I could do. The coverage team did a great job. Even on the shorter kicks, they were hauling down the field, did a great job, contained the ball well and they really got after them so they really saved... me. In the future, I hope to kick the ball farther.

On if Bryan Anger had ever held for him in a game.

GT: First time in a game, yea. Brock is a great holder, as is Bryan. Bryan is kind of there, day in and day out because he is a specialist. All spring and all summer and he is a very good holder and he's very athletic and he's also my roommate so we kind of have that bond. I really feel comfortable with him out there with me and like I said, he's a great holder.

Were the laces out?
On why the switch was made from Mansion to Anger.

GT: It was more on us. Just because [Anger] was out there with us. Little by little, I don't want to say we petitioned, but you know, he would start holding and coach wouldn't see that and we just came to a general consensus among the kickers and Coach Genyk that Anger's doing a great job holding and we'd like to reward him for his work. That's not to take anything away from Brock, Brock's a great holder, he has a great attitude about it and he can step in at any time and continue to do a great job as he has in the past. Anger's done a great job.

Tavecchio's overall breakdown of the game.

GT: It's the first game, I had a couple decent [kicks], a couple ones that weren't great, but again, I move forward to the next kick.

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