Friday, September 16, 2011

Cal-Presbyterian: Will Blue Hose go Braveheart on Bears?

If you haven't done your homework, Blue Hose have something to do with Braveheart. Don't ask.
Cal fans are so confident about Saturday's game against Presbyterian that I've only heard four questions this week (usually I hear about 60 and 27 of them are "do you think we'll win?")

The most common Cal-Presbyterian questions this week:

1. Will Brendan Bigelow play? Yes.
2. Is Brendan Bigelow good at checkers? Probably, he's good at everything.
3. Will the No. 2's get any playing time? I'm 97 percent sure they will.
4. How much will Cal win by? A lot. My exact prediction is at the bottom of the page.

OK, so I made up one of those questions up, but still, the Bigelow hype is reaching a fever pitch and if he goes for over 100 yards against Presbyterian, the Bigelow alert level will be changed to red going into the Washington game next week.

What are Blue Hose? 

This was the question of the week at practice, here's what Zach Maynard had to say.

Media: Zach, do you know what Presbyterian's mascot is?
Zach Maynard: No. The Hose or something like that. Blue Hose? The Blue Hose, I don't want to go further with any ideas.

Media: What did you think when you heard "Blue Hose?"
Zach Maynard: I really didn't know what to think, there was so many things going in my head when I first heard it. I was like, Blue Hose? What? I was confused.

He may not know what Blue Hose are, but by the end of the day Saturday, Presbyterian will probably know what a Zach Maynard is. Lets just say, 600 yards and 17 touchdown passes aren't out of the question for Maynard on Saturday.

Cal All-Time Wins Record
Jeff Tedford and Andy Smith have three things in common:
1. They both coached at Memorial Stadium.
2. They both have 74 wins.
3. They both spent 10 seasons at Cal.
However, I'm going to give Smith the edge when it comes to dedication. After dying from complications due to pneumonia on Jan. 8 1926, Smith had his ashes spread over the field at Memorial Stadium. 

Also, I should probably point out that the only thing that came between Smith and win number 75 at Cal was... death.
Smith's last game with the Bears was a 27-14 big game loss to Stanford on Nov. 21, 1925. Less than two months later, Smith would pass. It would probably be in Tedford's best interest to get win 75 as soon as possible, 74 is obviously bad luck, like in a Final Destination sort of way.
Tedford's thoughts on the whole thing, "I haven't really thought about it that much," he said Wednesday. "But its an honor, obviously, history all-time is a long time. Its more to do with all the players who have played here over our time here, all their accomplishments, all the assistant coaches and things. I feel fortunate to be the head coach here, thankful to be the head coach here."

The Pick
If you're bad at math, that says 212-0.
I'm not sure how many guys Cal is going to dress on Saturday (74? 78?), but I expect all of them to score, I say 912-6. On the other hand, if Presbyterian comes to play, I say 55-3. (Yes, if they come to play, I think Presbyterian will score three less points, don't ask me the logic behind that)

Last week's prediction: Cal 38-21 over Colorado
Actual score: Cal 36-33 over Colorado

Cal Picks: 2-0

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